My vision is to support the development and presence of eco-friendly and screen-free toys for children from birth to preteens and encourage an awareness for toys that let children play and grow at their own pace and using their individual skills and talents. Toys generate such an amount of waste in the world and I truly believe that less is better when it comes to buying toys!

It is important to me that my values and ethos are reflected within the online toys Ireland selection I offer.

I spend a lot of time researching the brands and suppliers. I always ask myself what a parent considering a Toy Shop in Ireland would think of our toy shop range, what would they think is the quality of the toys and their durability? It also matters that I can offer the best customer service so in turn, my suppliers need to have impeccable response time and solutions.

All our toys are sourced through trade fairs from trusted well-established suppliers and carry the CE standard.