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Magnetboard "Bright Colours"

Magnetboard "Bright Colours"

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What we like about this toy...
Move the little magnetic”dots” around to re-create the pictures from the template cards, or make your own creations. An educational toy to encourage fine-motor skills and concentration. 4 years+

What makes this toy great...
Beleduc Magnetboard "Bright Colours". With the magnet board amazing pictures can be created with many different colourful plates. When the magnetic pen is close enough to the board, the plates (in 5 colours) can be picked up and moved across the board to design different creative works of art for example animals, cars, buildings and many more.Box size: 32,5 x 32,5 x 2,8 cmIncludes 10 double-sided template cards. Perfect from 4 years.

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