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My name is Myriam, and I started Mimitoys in 2004 because I have always been interested in children's education and play.

Over the years, I have expanded our online toy range to include Children's Puppets, Arts & Crafts, and Musical Toys. Aiming to provide a wide variety of toy options for children to explore their natural sense of play and have fun.

Sustainability is a top priority for me and Mimitoys. To me sustainability means toys that are not trapped in a trend where they can quickly end up in land-fill. Toys that are of such quality and durability that they can be passed on to other children.

Additionally the delivery boxes I send the orders in are recycled. Either I get them from my suppliers or neighbouring businesses.

Lastly we use An-Post who have a fleet of delivery vans that are now almost all electric, thus reducing the carbon footprint of getting our toys to your door.

In my blogs I have further details on how Mimitoys progresses it's sustainability aims.

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    I believe that children have a natural ability to play and learn through play. I hope to offer a range of toys to encourage children's talents, skills, interests and sense of fun!

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