Collection: Smartgames

SmartGames are multi-level logic games. We like their versatility: brainteasers, family games, one-player games and travel games. Each game has a theme that appeals to both boys and girls, with progressive levels of difficulty.

SmartGames' logic games stimulate logical reasoning and enhance critical thinking abilities. I love the fact that these games encourage players to analyse complex situations, think strategically, and find optimal solutions. These challenges encourage reflection and taking time to solve problems.

Players are required to make logical deductions, identify patterns, and draw conclusions based on the given information.

Playing logic games from SmartGames offers numerous benefits that promote cognitive development and enhance problem-solving skills. These games are specifically designed to challenge players' logical thinking, spatial reasoning, and critical analysis abilities. All SmartGames have challenge cards with the solutions at the back, to allow for self-corrections.

Our range from SmartGames has appealing themes, like the beach, animals or football. I also like how compact these games are, they can be brought anywhere!. It really makes them engaging for children and cool to use for older children and adults!