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Late Late Toy Show 2022

Absolutely thrilled to see Ryan Turbidy play with one of our puppets, Lischa…even more amazed and grateful for the orders, nice comments and feedback we have got since on our range of toys and games.

Check here the full list of toys from the Late Late Toy show 2022.


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Irish Times Magazine – Conor Pope November 19, 2022
100 Irish online shops – Conor Pope rounds up the best independent stores for toys, treats, homeware, clothes, …
We are pleased to be listed once again in the Toys category:

“This is not the place to go in search of loud plastic toys that will shatter ears of a Christmas morning, but if you environmentally sound wooden toys, art supplies and bath toys, then you won’t go far wrong.

Read the full article here.


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Irish Times – Jennifer O’Connell October 2021
Supply-chain shock: ‘Do your Christmas shopping early’ – Irish retailers are struggling to secure Christmas stock as Covid, Brexit and freight costs play havoc with supply chains. Consumers can expect shortages and price hikes.

A great article that gives a voice to small retailers throughout Ireland on the impact of Covid, Brexit and increased freight costs.

“Miriam Doyle runs Mimi Toys, which specialises in traditional wooden toys and “nothing battery operated” in Summerhill, Co Meath. This year has seen a shortage of larger wooden toys – things like doll’s houses, big wooden playsets. “For me, as a small supplier, orders are taking far longer to reach me. I have extra costs in terms of customers and duty, so there is a cash flow implication.”

Full article here

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Irish Times – Conor Pope November 2020
Well done to the Irish Times for supporting SMEs and local business. We were very grateful to be listed in the Irish Times Fri, Nov 27, 2020 article by Conor Pope as one of the go-to online toyshops for Christmas.

“Thirty-nine Irish toyshops for your online Christmas shopping”
Ireland has no shortage of home-grown websites to buy presents from this holiday season

An ever-increasing range of environmentally sound toys for all kids. Again, Mimitoys eschews easily breakable plastic stuff.

Read the full article link here.

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Newstalk – Pat Kenny November 2020
In the lead up to Christmas 2020, and in order to support Irish businesses, Newstalk featured different local businesses around the country from a variety of sectors. I have had a lovely chat with Pat Kenny on the 10/11/2020.

“The unique thing about Mimitoys is that owner Myriam Doyle doesn’t stock branded toys as she feels it puts “a lot of pressure on parents to have to buy these toys”. All the toys available online won’t require a battery which is another choice of Myriam's “ I like toys that will last, be enjoyed and played with for years” she said.
Myriam highlights it was her interest in her own children’s education and the desire to be self-employed that spurred her own to create Mimitoys 12 years ago.”

The full podcast is available with this link.

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Irish Times – Conor Pope October 2020
“How to avoid having a nightmare before Christmas

Pricewatch: It’s not Halloween yet, but to prevent a festive fright, best be prepared
“Shop local
we are still all about shopping local and reckon people should do what they can to find local stockists of the gifts that might make their way under the tree this year. Finding toy makers and sellers online is not hard, and the local ones come with the advantage that they tend to be much easier to make contact with if things go wrong. But can we stress again the importance of shopping early this year. It may seem crazy but it is the best thing you can do.”
Read the full article link here


And then we had the Eir Fibre team turning up at the office to do a video on the impact of our blessed blessed fibre broadband on a freezing February morning. Boy what a morning that was!!! There was about 12 in their team - we were expecting 2.... and yes film crews eat a lot of biscuits!!!