Collection: Long Sleeved Puppets

Our range of Long Sleeved Puppets encourages love of the natural world with beautifully designed animal puppets. They are ideal for storytime or to complement a story book. They are practical to use and hold on very well on the arm and are ideal to use with a puppet theatre.

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or storyteller, Long Sleeved Puppets are a fantastic addition to storytime sessions. They can be used to complement a storybook by animating the characters and making the narrative more vivid and captivating. Children are naturally drawn to animals, and these puppets provide a tangible and visual representation that sparks their imagination and curiosity.

Our Long Sleeved Puppets are specifically designed to be practical and user-friendly. Their construction ensures that they fit comfortably on the arm, allowing for natural movements and manipulation. This makes it easier for the puppeteer to bring the animal characters to life, creating an interactive and immersive experience for the audience.

Long Sleeved Puppets are an excellent resource for promoting a love of the natural world and enhancing storytelling experiences. Their beautiful designs, practicality, and compatibility with puppet theaters make them a versatile and valuable tool for educators, parents, and anyone who wants to engage and entertain children through the magic of puppetry.

Play Therapists use Puppets regularly. Mimitoys exhibit often with play therapist member bodies. Here is my blog after one of these events - Meeting up with Play Therapists