Our Values

I started Mimitoys in 2004 from a deep interest and passion for my own children’s development through play. I was never a mum who bought loads of toys from toy stores in Ireland. I always believed that less is more when it comes to buying toys. Children have such an ability to play and learn through play that I really wanted to get toys that would be engaging for them and that would encourage them to use their natural talents, skills, abilities and their senses.

That is why the Mimitoys range of toys and games is so varied and unique with games, puzzles, role-play toys like dollhouses or play kitchens, arts & crafts kits, brainteasers, construction toys and outdoor toys, for children from birth to 15 years. It is tricky to engage preteens in creative play, construction or games and move away from screen activities but it is possible…and this is a range I work on all the time.

As a parent, I never lost my enthusiasm for play and I really enjoyed playing hairdresser or shop with my children or doing puzzles and drawings! As they have grown, we have moved from wooden toys to games and creative projects and we still enjoy playing family board games together. It is always fascinating to discover everyone’s personality, who is competitive, who is good at reading instructions or taking turns…through these activities.

Eco & Ethical Progress:
My growing commitment to the environment makes me think about the processes of an online business all the time, this is why, step by step, we have introduced the following:

  • all orders are delivered in recycled boxes, except the ones that do not need to be boxed and that come in a sturdy box.
  • All orders are delivered by An-Post who now deliver 90% of packages using electric vehicles.
  • we source all toys from suppliers who are actively sustainable in their manufacture and operations.

My sustained commitment to a more “progressive” value for play means Mimitoys selects its toy range to…

  • focus on screen-free play,
  • be of such “material” quality that the toy can be handed on to another child
  • be of such “Play” quality that the toy facilitates the play concept of “Less is More” ie the toy reduces the need for parents to purchase similar type toys.

Mimitoys source their toys within Europe, however most get manufactured in Asia. From a carbon perspective its not ideal, however most of our toys are made from wood. The timber used comes from managed forests, so its reasonably carbon neutral until you get to the transport. We do some plastic toys – a good part of that range uses recycled plastic as their raw material – we are trying to source more toys in this category.

Operations-wise I think we are as carbon neutral as we can be. We use reused boxes – that’s a big dent in our operations carbon. For delivery we use An-Post – they’ve a massive Electric-Van fleet. Also we drop orders to their depot during low season – our car is electric- that’s another carbon reduction.

Online Tools for a considered purchase:
To assist you in making your choices from our toy shop, our toy finder can filter by price, age and learning skill. The learning skill is an add-on that is very helpful for people looking for gifts or presents without knowing the child specific interests or indeed for parents who would like to focus on a specific area such as pretend play or fine motor skills…

I have a full article Here that details all the tools to make the right purchase.

I like toys that will bring the best out of children and will help them grow and develop into happy individuals. I am always on the look out for new toys and creative activities, and welcome feedback and comments. I source the toys through trade fairs in Germany, London, Birmingham and Paris from trusted well established suppliers. All toys sold in Ireland by law carry the CE standard and I respect the suppliers age recommendations.
It is always an excitement to introduce new toys to the range and new features to the website, but these changes can only be done with your feedback, so please get in touch!

Thank you.
All the best.