Collection: Living Puppets

The range of puppets from Living Puppets is so vibrant and unique! Each puppet has its own cool name and amazing features to engage children of all ages to use their creativity and imagination. The large character puppets have removable clothes are a fantastic educational and fun resource to have!

Living Puppets offers a wide range of vibrant and unique puppets that are designed to engage children's creativity and imagination. Each puppet has its own distinct name and features, making them highly appealing to kids of all ages.

The removable clothes on the large character puppets offer additional opportunities for learning. Children can practice fine motor skills as they dress and undress the puppets, fostering independence and dexterity. They can also learn about different types of clothing, colors, patterns, and even practice basic concepts like sorting and matching.

Using puppets in educational settings can promote language development, as children are encouraged to engage in dialogues and storytelling with the puppets. Puppets provide a non-threatening and inclusive platform for children to express themselves, build confidence, and explore their emotions.

I did a video blog with Child Therapist Emer O Brien, in the Podcast she details how she uses puppets in her setting, with an example from Living Puppets