Collection: Sesame Street Puppets

We are delighted to have some of the main characters from Sesame Street as hand puppets, including the Cookie Monster. The all time favourite! The friendly and colourful puppets can be used in endless educational environment to encourage social skills, creative skills and also fine-motor-skills.

Sesame Street, with its delightful cast of hand puppets that have long been a cherished source of education and entertainment for children.

These puppets are friendly and colorful and have a remarkable ability to engage young minds, fostering social skills, creative thinking, and fine motor skills.

  • The Cookie Monster puppet, renowned for his voracious appetite for cookies, captures the hearts of children and instills a love for learning through play. As kids interact with Cookie Monster, they can develop important skills such as sharing, taking turns, and practicing patience.
  • Bert and Ernie puppet, the lovable best friends who live together, promote cooperation, problem-solving, and the value of true friendship. Children can learn from their contrasting personalities and see the power of collaboration and understanding.
  • The Elmo puppet, the cheerful and curious red monster, captures the imagination of children with his high-pitched voice and infectious enthusiasm. Through interactive play with Elmo, children can explore emotions, letters, numbers, and develop their fine motor skills.

Sesame Street's hand puppets have an enduring appeal and an invaluable role in fostering social skills, creativity, and fine motor skills. Their presence in the educational environment creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, where children can learn, grow, and develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Living Puppets are the main Puppet Supplier of our range of Sesame Street Puppets