Collection: Baby & Toddler Toys

From day one babies are on the road to discovery and exploration. The right toys will be of great help for this fantastic journey! Babies enjoy toys that make sounds, toys with bright colours and high-contrast patterns, toys with movement, dangling toys and touchy-feely toys. Our range of baby toys is a mix of soft toys from Lilliputiens and Moulin Roty and activity toys from Djeco.

Babies and toddlers learn best through play. Toys are a great way for them to explore their world, learn new skills and develop their imagination. There are many different types of toys available, so it's important to choose ones that are appropriate for your child's age and interests.

Babies and toddlers need simple, safe toys that they can chew on and explore. As children get older, they can start to play with more complex toys that encourage them to use their imagination and skills.

Top 6 benefits of playing with toys for babies and toddlers:

  1. Sensory development, a lot of first toys have a sensory, touchy-feely, or sound feature, that grabs little ones' attention
  2. Babies and toddlers use their whole body when playing with their toys, fantastic for physical development!
  3. Baby & Toddler Toys help develop fine and gross motor skills gradually
  4. Baby & Toddler toys help children explore their imagination and have fun...
  5. They give a lovely tender moment to share with a parent or family member
  6. When playing with their toys, babies and toddler think creatively, solve problems and get an understanding of their world

Why buy baby & toddler toys from

For baby and toddler toys, it is so important to pick the right toy! We have a toy finder that allows you to select according to age, budget and also skill.

We find that customers will pick a soft cuddly toy as a first present or birth present for the baby. And sometimes go for the traditional toy that will be there for years like a shape sorter or a set of building blocks.

Rest assured that our range of baby and toddler toys is top quality with clear description and age recommendations.