Collection: The Puppet Company

There is something magical about owning a puppet. It opens up a whole world of imagination, creativity and fun for the whole family. We are so glad to work with The Puppet Company who offers such a wide range of quality hand puppets, finger puppets, monster puppets and so many more...

The Puppet Company offers an extensive selection of children's puppets, catering to various age groups of children. Their range includes:

  • My First Puppets: These are designed specifically for younger children, providing them with a soft and safe introduction to puppetry.
  • Large Birds and Baby Birds Hand Puppets: These puppets feature realistic bird designs and are available in both larger and smaller sizes, allowing for a variety of imaginative play scenarios.
  • Baby Monster Hand Puppets: With their playful and colorful designs, these hand puppets engage children in imaginative monster-themed storytelling.
  • Hide-Away Hand Puppets: These unique puppets have a hiding feature, allowing children to tuck them inside their "homes" and reveal them for interactive play.
  • Puppet Buddies People: These puppets represent various characters and personalities, providing children with a wide range of storytelling possibilities and opportunities for creative expression.
  • Story Telling Hand Puppets: Designed to bring stories to life, these hand puppets are crafted with attention to detail and feature characters from popular tales, enabling children to engage in interactive storytelling experiences.
  • Traditional Storysets of Hand Puppet with Finger Puppets: These sets combine hand puppets with accompanying finger puppets, offering an immersive storytelling experience with multiple characters.

At Christmas 2022 on The Late Late Toy Show we were absolutely thrilled to see Ryan Tubridy play with our Hand Puppet Lischa…even more amazed and grateful for the orders, nice comments and feedback we have got on our puppet range.