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Find the perfect bath toys for your little ones! We have a wide selection of bath toys for babies and children of all ages. Bath time is fun and is also a great opportunity to play and explore with your child. With our range of bath toys, you can introduce colours, counting, cause and effect, fishing and splashing!

Bath time is a great opportunity to play and explore with your child. It's also a time to bond with your little one and use bath toys to teach your child about cause and effect for example by running the water or adding toys to the bath.

Top 5 benefits of bath toys for children

  1. Bath toys can help your child learn to count and learn about different colours.
  2. They can help your child learn to identify shapes and develop fine motor skills.
  3. The toys in the bath can help your child learn about cause and effect and provide a sensory experience.
  4. Bath toys can be used to encourage imagination and pretend play.
  5. Playing in the bath is a wonderful bonding time for parent/caregiver and their little one.

Some of our popular bath toys include

Why choose Bath Toys from

The range of bath toys from Mimitoys is wide and unique, with bath toys from birth to the ages of 7/8.
They are designed to last and to provide hours of fun in the bath.

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