Collection: Watches & Alarm Clocks

Most customers buy our Watches & Alarm Clocks for children to celebrate an event like a communion or a birthday. We make sure to provide a quality range that will introduce and encourage children to learn the time.

Watches and alarm clocks provide several benefits for children. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Time Management Skills: Watches and alarm clocks help children develop time management skills. They learn to be punctual and adhere to schedules, such as waking up on time.
  2. Independence and Responsibility: Having their own watch or alarm clock empowers children to take charge of their routines and responsibilities. They learn to set alarms and manage their time independently.
  3. Developing Numeracy Skills: Analog watches require children to read and interpret traditional clock faces with hour and minute hands. This process helps them understand the concept of time and develop numeracy skills.
  4. Time Awareness: By using watches and alarm clocks, children become more aware of the passing of time. This awareness helps them plan and organize their activities better.
  5. Building Routine and Structure: Watches and alarm clocks contribute to establishing a routine and structure in a child's daily life. They learn to follow a consistent schedule, including waking up at a specific time, completing tasks, attending classes or activities, and managing their free time effectively.
  6. Promoting Independence and Confidence: Having their own timekeeping devices fosters a sense of independence and confidence in children, which ultimately boosts their self-esteem and autonomy.
  7. Developing Time Concepts: Watches and alarm clocks aid in developing a child's understanding of concepts like duration, time intervals, and time-related vocabulary (e.g., hours, minutes, seconds).

Watches and Alarm Clocks make outstanding birthday presents. Remember we pack a Free Gift Bag and Gift Tag with every order that leaves us.

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