Collection: Hideaway Puppets

Our range of Hideaway Puppets make a lovely gift. The whole idea is to use the puppets and play hide-and-seek with the characters. Babies, toddlers and older children just love the surprise element! Great to encourage children's attention and focus. They can be used with loads of books and stories and will make storytime captivating.

Hideaway puppets are a fantastic tool for engaging children and encouraging their attention and focus. The element of emergence that comes with hideaway puppets can be especially effective with shy children.

6 strong suggestions on using hideaway puppets to encourage a shy child:

  1. Create a safe and comfortable environment: Ensure that the environment is welcoming and nurturing, allowing the child to feel at ease.
  2. Introduce the hideaway puppet gradually: Start by simply showing the hideaway puppet without making it move or interact. Allow the child to observe and familiarize themselves with the puppet at their own pace. This step can help build curiosity and anticipation.
  3. Encourage observation and participation: Once the child has become accustomed to the puppet's presence, gently encourage them to observe the puppet's movements or engage in simple interactions. You can ask questions about what the puppet might be thinking or feeling, encouraging the child to respond and express their thoughts.
  4. Use the puppet as a communication bridge: Encourage the child to communicate with the puppet, allowing them to express themselves more freely. The puppet can then relay their thoughts or feelings to the adult, creating a comfortable and non-threatening channel of communication.
  5. Gradually increase interaction: As the child becomes more comfortable, increase the level of interaction with the hideaway puppet. You can introduce role-playing scenarios or ask the puppet to seek the child's help or opinion. This approach allows the child to take on a more active role while still feeling supported by the puppet.
  6. Celebrate the child's involvement: Whenever the shy child interacts with the hideaway puppet, be sure to acknowledge and celebrate their participation. Praise their efforts, reinforce their confidence, and let them know that their contributions are valued. This positive reinforcement will encourage them to continue emerging from their shell.

Remember, every child is unique, and it's essential to be patient and understanding during the process. With time and gentle encouragement, hideaway puppets can help even the shyest child feel more confident and comfortable in expressing themselves.

I recorded a Podcast that details how Puppets can be used within a child therapy environment - Puppets for Therapy