Collection: Finger Puppets

We have a wide range of finger puppets with very good detailed features. Our huge range of characters and all sorts of animals finger puppets make an original present and are ideal to complement a story book! Well designed to hold on to the finger! Brilliant for imaginative play...

Finger Puppets offer a hands-on and interactive element that can enhance storytelling and engage children in imaginative play.

The small size of finger puppets makes them easy to hold and manipulate on the fingers, allowing children to bring characters to life as they act out scenes from the book or create their own narratives.

Finger puppets encourages storytelling skills, creativity, and imagination. Children can explore different voices and personalities for the characters, fostering language development and communication skills.

It also provides an opportunity for social interaction and cooperative play if multiple children are involved.

Finger Puppets promote engagement, creativity, and imaginative play, making them an excellent gift choice for young storytellers.

I have an excellent Podcast with a parent who uses Puppets for Development and fun

Our best Suppliers of Finger Puppets are our friends in The Puppet Company and Fiesta Crafts.