Late Late Toy Show 2022 – Our Hand Puppet Reviewed

Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Toy Show reviewing a Mimitoys Puppet.

Absolutely thrilled to see Ryan Tubridy play with our Hand Puppet Lischa…even more amazed and grateful for the orders, nice comments and feedback we have got since on our range of toys and games.

I have enjoyed the show very much, the talents are unbelievable. This is so unique to Ireland, and as I explained in my previous Late Late Toy Show 2022 blog, it has everything that I love about Ireland, the warmth, the kindness and generosity, an incredible way of allowing children to express themselves and loads of fun and tender moments.

Then I re-watched the show and started to play “Where’s Wally” to see what other toys we had there…I’ve spotted a few beyond our Hand Puppets…Some of them have now gone out of stock and will be back after Christmas and others are making their way back in our warehouse as we speak.

Djeco Picnic Set was also used to serve juice I believe!

A few props: The Puppet Company Dressed Animal Puppet Owl, The Puppet Company Sockette Dylan.

If you have any questions about our toys please be sure to contact us. We love hearing from you at Mimitoys and always enjoy receiving questions and enquiries. Contact.

Update Jan 2023 – Since I wrote this blog I did a fascinating video podcast with Emer O Brien – a Child Psychotherapist and Play Therapist. Puppets for Therapy Podcast with Emer O’Brien

Late Late Toy Show 2022 Our Hand Puppet Reviewed | Mimitoys | 2022

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