Late Late Toy Show Friday November 25th 2022

It took me a while, coming from another country, France, to understand the meaning and impact of the Late Late Toy Show.
During my life in Ireland before kids, I was amazed to see that everyone around me, was making an evening or even a date around it!
When my children were very young, it became something not to be missed on a Sunday afternoon and then when they were old enough, a big deal on a Friday night around the fire with a box of chocolates.

So much work, time and planning goes into the preparation of the Late Late Toy Show. It's the fun, the entertainment, the energy, the magic! An amazing display of talents, stories and experiences, with mixed emotions, from tears to laughter. It's uplifting and gives children a voice. It's their night. I also realised that this vibrancy, creativity, sense of fun, authenticity and creative talents, is exactly what brought me to Ireland in the 1st place...

On the toy end of things, as a business, Mimitoys has never been into the trends and frenzy of the toys promoted. However, these toys probably do guarantee the WOW factor on Christmas day!
It's good to see children commenting and trying the toys and that is a unique concept to this show.

Like every year, we are happy to send over a few toys to the Late Late Toy Show, it's never guaranteed that they will be mentioned, displayed or even used, but we know that they will end in a good home after the show!
This year, we've decided to stick to the core of our beliefs and send toys that are really fun and provide hours of play, toys that are easy to use and do not break and that are available in a wide range of styles, designs, colours and prices. Toys that are also engaging for both children and parents...PUPPETS!!!

Good old traditional puppets and below is what we have sent out! Who do you think has a chance?

Living Puppets Madame Quassel Hand Puppet

Full-bodied hand puppet of a bird with yellow beak and feet, purple head and main body.

Lischa Large Hand Puppet 45cm

Girl Hand Puppet with red and blue stripy dress, mouth opening with brown hair with braids.

The Puppet Company Dressed Animal Owl

Owl puppet with stripy green and brown waistcoat and brown wings. Full bodied with brown eyes and yellow beak.

The Puppet Company Dressed Animal Hedhehog

The Puppet Company Dressed Animal Mouse

Full body of a mouse hand puppet wearing a pink dress with white apron. Brown ears, face and arms.

Hand Puppet Sockette Rupert

Knitted sock puppet with purple and yellow neck, Purple face with big mouth opening and yellow ears and beady eyes.

Hand Puppet Sockette Dylan

Long hand pupppet in the shape of a sock and the head of an alien. Main body is green and blue stripes, with an orange tie.

The Puppet Company Orange Monster

Orange Monster Hand Puppet with a green belly, white and black eyes and mouth opening.

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