Tips and Hints to redeem vouchers, find the right toy and sign-up

How to redeem a voucher?

Now and then we have a little surprise for our customers, browsers, visitors who have signed up to receive our newsletter.
It could be money off for example, 5 euro on orders above 30 euro or a discount on a specific toy category such as 10% all role play toys.
Either way, to avail of these offers, we provide a coupon code to the recipients of our newsletter. That coupon code can be redeemed online.
Here is the link to a short video I did to show where to go to redeem the money off voucher/coupon on the website, please note that the code is never case sensitive so it will work no matter what you type (as far as you use the correct voucher reference!).
The trick here is not to forget to click on “Apply Coupon”. Clicking on “Apply” means that the coupon is validated. This will appear on the order summary, just before you enter your card details.
It is important to note that all money off offers are applicable before shipping applies.

Newsletter sign-ups?

Yes, signing-up to our newsletter means that you are going to receive an email now and then with our latest and newest toys and games, our news like our video podcasts and blogs but you will also receive these little surprises for great savings!
Don’t forget that you can always unsubscribe!
If you are tempted to give it a go, our newsletter sign-up is here.

How to find the right toy or the right game?

Another little tip in terms of usability on is the navigation. How can I make your browsing for toys & games and finding what you are looking for, a pleasant and efficient experience?
With more than 2000 products now available online, it is becoming tricky…
In this short video, I talk about the 4 ways to find what you are looking for on the website: using the filter, using the search box, browsing through categories and the last one, to ring me! I love what I do and know the toys by heart, or at least I know why I have made that selection…

If you decide to use the filter, there are 4 filter options:
1 – toy categories – 8 to 15 years, role-play toys, arts & crafts, baby & toddler toys, best toys for birthdays, kids accessories & gifts, musical toys, educational, outdoor & active play, puppets & theatres, brands, Under €15
2 – age – with a drop down menu from birth to 15 years old;
3 – skill – creativity, discover the world, hand to eye coordination, physical development activity, pretend play, problem solving, reading, sensory development and social skills;
4 – budget with a minimum and maximum amount.
These filter options can be used with each other or on their own.
To avoid the overwhelming feeling of having hundreds of products to choose from and not knowing where to start, I would recommend to use at least a mix of 2 or 3 filters, so for example, toys for 3 year olds, for hand-to-eye coordination between 20 and 35 euro. Don’t forget to click on filter!

Another way to browse is to click on the search icon, the little magnifying lens located at the top right of the screen (mobile or desktop website), you can type any word there. If you type puzzle for example, all puzzles will come up, regardless of age or price, it is then possible to narrow down the search by age.

When browsing through categories, you probably have an area of play that you want to explore, such as role-play, arts, music…there again there will be an option to narrow down by sub-categories and age.

And the final way to find the right toy or game is to give me a shout on 046 955897), I will be delighted to have a chat and discuss what you are looking for or answer any question you may have on the toys.

I hope this blog has been useful and helpful, please do send me your feedback at That’s the best way I can improve your experience on the website!

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