Dolls for Toddlers

Dolls are some of the oldest toys that children have ever played with. They have been around for centuries and are still so popular today. I’ve selected a range of Dolls for Toddlers as they are a bit harder to find.
Human connections are a huge part of a young child’s daily experiences, and the most important part are the people around! Dolls are just the perfect miniature people! As a variation, teddies and loads of other soft toys (like puppets, ragdolls, teddies…) can be used as part of doll play.

Ragdoll soft toy Kelly from Bigjigs

If you’re looking for a toy that will last your toddler a long time, and one that they will learn from, then a toddler doll is a great choice! I think that letting very young children play with safely and suitably designed baby dolls is a fantastic playing and learning experience, and it’s critical that toddlers get the right dolls with all the right features, specifically designed for that age group.

Djeco Pomeo Doll | 2023
That is why I am so pleased to welcome Djeco Pomea range of Baby Dolls and Baby Dolls Accessories for toddlers.
We have been working with Djeco
since we started Mimitoys in 2004 and are very well aware of the quality, designs and research behind each toy. What is very exciting about the Pomea range of dolls is that the baby dolls come in a variation of colours for skin, eyes, clothes, which make them appealing to boys and girls. The range has been designed with toddlers in mind with amazing features such as sleepy eyes, clothes that are loose and easy to remove, a soft and cuddly body and unscented vinyl (heads, arms and legs). They are soft and perfect to snuggle and small enough for a toddler to carry around.

Little ones always seem to know what to do with their toys, and playing with baby dolls is no exception. When we think about it, it is huge how much toddlers and older children can benefit from playing with baby dolls.

Benefits of playing with Baby Dolls:

Toddler Dolls can help develop fine motor skills, and repetition is key, putting on and taking off the clothes, closing the eyes, playing with the arms and legs…so much to do for little hands…
Dolls can help toddlers learn to share and take turns
Playing with dolls can inspire imagination and creativity in toddlers, when they copy what they observe around them or create an imaginary world for them with their cuddly toy or doll
Dolls can help toddlers understand and express emotions. A doll can be the perfect companion to hear happiness, anger or frustrations…
Playing with dolls can help toddlers learn to empathize with others, develop nurturing skills and learn to take care of others

It is evident that playing with dolls has many benefits for toddlers. It helps them develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.
Playing with dolls also encourages important life skills such as caring, sharing and empathy.
If you are looking for a doll for your toddler, be sure to check our website. We have a wide range of dolls and soft toys that are sure to please your little one.

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Toddler Dolls | 2023

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