Dual Language Books for Kids

I am a keen language lover and sometimes learner! I am also a French mum of 4 children who has spent a lot of time reading to my children when they were younger. I wish now that I had access to Dual Language Books then.

Language learning is an area I am really passionate about. Encouraged by the discussions with my customers, parents and teachers I have decided to work on a new toy category to introduce toys, games & books to encourage language learning from an early age.

Over the recent years, I have also had calls of parents and schools looking for Dual Language Books but in specific languages such as French, Polish or Ukrainian. I have now sourced a range of bilingual children’s book, well illustrated with catchy stories. We are starting with a small selection of books with the intention to have more stories in additional languages.

Dual Language Book Range Sample

Boxer & Brandon English / Polish


Dual language books are great for parents who are already bi-lingual and want to introduce a 2nd language at home to younger children, great fun at storytime to hear mum or dad speaking 2 languages!

I find these books particularly interesting for older children or primary school children whose 1st language is not English, it means they can read the book in their original language and then look at the English version.

Being a Superhero English / Ukrainian

Dual language books are a fantastic way to improve language skills and also to enjoy the value of both languages. Like all books, they encourage reading skills, literacy and promote vocabulary building, expression and imaginative skills.


Below I have done a few videos on our current range of bilingual books.

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