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In August 2022, Meath County Council and Meath Libraries have launched STEAM Toys that can be borrowed from Meath libraries. All free with your library card! It is an amazing initiative and a fantastic way to introduce young children and their parents to STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Also a way to introduce new toys, books and materials at home for free!
There are currently 15 backpacks available with the following themes: Animals, Bugs – Bees & Butterflies, Build it, Coding, Colour & Art, The Great Outdoors, I’m a scientist, Magnets, Maths, Motion – Gravity & Forces, Music, My Amazing Body, Space, Water, Weather.
In my podcast with Maebhdh Rogan, Senior Executive Librarian for Meath County Council Library Services, we’ve discussed this initiative and its current success…

The STEAM Toys project has been funded by the Meta Data Center Community Action Grants. Meta Data Center Community Action Grants are one of many ways that Meta gives back to communities where they have a data center.
Meta’s grants are for non-profit organisations for projects that benefit the community by putting the power of technology to use for community benefit, improving STEM Education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) locally and connecting people online or offline.

The STEAM Toys have been well thought of and cover all STEAM aspects in a fun and engaging way with hands-on activities. Maedhbh explains that she has spent a lot of time thinking and researching the toys, materials and books for each pack.

With this blog, I want to review the toys that Meath Libraries have selected from us to include in the backpacks:

Djeco Draiwng Step by Step Animals and Co
Children can learn to draw animals with this step-by-step activity! The model cards guide children through each drawing stage. Drywipe marker means they can start again as many times as they like. A fun activity to introduce drawing to young children.

STEAM Toys | Step by Step

Domino Run
Nothing can go wrong with a domino run game. It offers endless play with multiple combinations, it’s unbreakable and engaging for solo play or group play with family or friends. There are loads of benefits in playing with a domino run game: concentration and focus, coordination and problem-solving skills.
110 play pieces to set up, knock down and do all over again.

Steam Toys | Domino Run

Boxed Set Geoform
A great way to get thinking about geometric shapes and how they fit together. An all time favourite for many reasons (most of them fun). This is the sort of toy that everyone remembers playing with as a child. The neat wooden carry case contains magnetic wooden shapes that you can use to make colourful pictures on the inside of the lid. If you can’t think what to make, try following one of the design cards included in the case.
Great for spatial awareness, observation, problem-solving and concentration.
42 wooden magnetic pieces and 24 design cards.

Rainbow Colours in Irish Jigsaw
This beautiful sixteen piece rainbow jigsaw puzzle, in Irish, provides the perfect way to teach children their colours as Gaeilge!
Hand painted in literally, all the colours of the Rainbow (and more!), the chunky and durable pieces are perfectly sized for little hands to put together. Some of the pieces stand up and can be played with as individual toys.
This wooden puzzle is designed to encourage dexterity and logic and will make learning Irish fun!

Steam Toys | Rainbow Colours in Irish

Musical Instruments
It’s a complete musical set, well sized for small hands. A fantastic way to introduce young children to sound, music, rhythm and a sense of timing.
Perfect to inspire a talent and/or an interest for music.
It includes a tambourine, castanets, maracas, paddles, rhythm sticks, scraper, bells & triangle.

Magnetic Weather Board
A visual and hands-on way to introduce the different seasons and where they fit into the yearly calendar, days/dates, months and years as well as telling time and describing the weather and different activities. The colourful clock face features moveable hands, the 12 and 24 hour clocks and handy annotations next to each number showing how many minutes past or to the hour each number represents.

Steam Toys | Geoform

Wooden Magnetic Labyrinth
It contains two magnetic pens, (one red and one blue) and 10 coloured balls (5 red and 5 blue). This can be used by one child practising their right and left side and also by two children, each competing to get their five coloured balls into the centre of the maze first. a fantastic way to encourage coordination and fine motor skills.

Steam Toys | Magnetic Labyrinth

The Wobbly Wall
Build the wall and remove the bricks one at a time, make sure the wall does not fall! A great balancing game for preschoolers and older children. It is really fun and will encourage patience, concentration and an understanding of cause-effect.

All of these toys are wooden toys (except from the musical instruments,) and do not require batteries to function.  These non-battery operated toys are extremely durable and appealing for children and their parents who want to explore their interests, talents and skills in the areas of STEAM.

If you are a library or have a unique requirement for toys where you need advice please call or email I’d love to help. Contact Us

STEAM Toys |  Mimitoys 2022

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