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I am a firm believer in learning through play and I find that when it comes to STEM Toys & Games, we tend to forget that they also involve play! The real sense of play, which is open-ended, at each one's pace, with the objective to feel good at the end...With this article, I have decided to talk about 2 of our suppliers who are spot on in the area of STEM Toys & Games. KAPLA® and SmartGames. I enjoy working with them I love their ever-expanding range and their ethos: a passion and genuine interest for children of all ages' well-being and growth.


Children always seem to do with a box of KAPLA® planks...without realising it they are entering the world of STEM play and skills! Older children and adults also love KAPLA® for its simplicity and yet complexity. In other words, playing with KAPLA® is very versatile, from open-ended play to following designs and structured instructions. KAPLA® wooden planks sets are a fun, engaging, and incredibly hands-on learning experience. A great mix to encourage curiosity and creativity.

KAPLA® in a few words... KAPLA® is a timeless wooden construction toy, that has captured the generations with its simplicity and versatility. KAPLA® planks are all the same size and are available in multiple colours and pack sizes. We are thrilled to stock pretty much the full Kapla range.

What are the benefits of playing with KAPLA® planks?

KAPLA®'s design brilliance lies in its simplicity. Each uniform rectangular wooden plank enables children to construct an array of structures, from basic shapes to intricate architectural structures. With careful balancing and stacking, children can build towers, bridges, animals, and more, it's really up to their imaginations but also patience, sense of focus and concentration. There is a lot of freedom in playing with this educational construction toy, and this freedom of creation encourages problem-solving, spatial awareness, and the development of fine motor skills.

Educational Value:
Beyond its entertainment value, KAPLA® offers significant educational benefits. Through constructing and balancing structures, children gain a deep understanding of balance, gravity, and stability. Planning and visualising their designs enhances spatial reasoning and logical thinking skills. Also, KAPLA® cultivates patience, perseverance, and attention to detail as children experiment, modify, and refine their creations.

Ageless and intergenerational Appeal:
In a world where gadgets, gizmos and screens dominate the toy and play scenes, KAPLA® breaks the mold with its timeless charm. It's all about getting hands-on and feeling the thrill of connecting with the real world. KAPLA® doesn't care about your age – it's a playground for young builders and grown-up! A moment where families can connect together and build something together. Get ready to build, create, and play like there's no tomorrow...Building with KAPLA® gives a great sense of achievement.

KAPLA®'s ability to engage, educate, and inspire creativity makes it a timeless gem among educational toys and STEM toys. When we hear the term "STEM toys," it's common to feel a tinge of apprehension. However, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is not some abstract concept confined to textbooks or classrooms. In reality, STEM is all around us, shaping our daily lives in remarkable ways. STEM toys such as KAPLA®, can be fun, engaging, and incredibly hands-on, offering exciting opportunities for learning and exploration.


Another way to introduce STEM activities is by engaging with brainteasers and puzzles, and SmartGames offers a diverse range of such captivating challenges. These games not only entertain but also provide numerous benefits that promote cognitive development and enhance problem-solving skills. What I like about most of games from SmartGames is that they can be taken on a holiday, and entertain children in a car journey or at the restaurant. There all offer various levels of difficulty and players can challenge themselves all the time (unless the have a good memory and remember all the moves!). A real test to creativity, thinking skills and perseverance.

Top benefits of playing STEM games from SmartGames:
Firstly, these games sharpen problem-solving skills. Each puzzle is a unique conundrum! requiring players to analyse, strategise, and think outside the box to find the solutions. SmartGames have different designs and themes for all ages, so it encourages a resilient and agile mindset from an early age and introduce the idea of problem-solving from an early age.

Many of their games involve arranging or fitting puzzle pieces together, which helps players develop a better understanding of spatial relationships and enhances their visual perception abilities.
Through carefully crafted puzzles, players are challenged to make deductions, identify patterns, and draw logical conclusions. This mental exercise is great for analytical skills, encouraging a systematic and methodical approach to tackle intricate challenges. What I like about these games is their appealing designs, with quirky pieces and themes, which really makes learning fun and will appeal to the most reluctant players...

SmartGames are available for all age groups, making them an inclusive educational game for children and adults. Think about it, when you engage in these mind-teasing puzzlers, where you persevere and push yourself to find the solution, there is real enjoyment and a great sense of achievement from solving captivating puzzles.

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