Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2023

What Mimitoys has to offer is "An excellent selection of toys that proves quality is better than quantity." To read the full customer review click here. It's one of the reviews we've received recently and that I thought summarised well why these toys are our Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2023,
I am also glad to present a list of toys for Christmas 2023 that do not fall into the stereotypical play patterns with pink for girls and blue for boys, toys that are not plastic and toys that are non-battery operated.

I have picked 12 of our top toys, toys that tick all the boxes of the "less is good approach".

Simplicity over quantity!

Lilliputiens Baby Agathe

Soft Baby Doll with blond hair in red cot and blanket with white dots.
The Puppet Company Full-bodied Hand Puppet Owl

Plush Owl Hand Puppet with light brown fur like body.
KAPLA® Construction 1000 Planks in Wooden Box

Wooden box marked with the word Kapla and a picture of a stacking pyramid.
Djeco Animambo Musical Carnival

Wooden musical toy with xylphone with three coloured bars, a cymbal and mini drum.
The Puppet Company Medium Puppet Primate Chimp

Black standing Chimpanzee Puppet holding a banana with a light brown mouth and pink tongue.
Djeco Introduction to Dough – Classic

Light Blue box showing pots of play dough, cutters and a play dough roll.
Djeco Mosaic Set Deep in the Jungle

Djeco box of mosaics with a cate made out of gold, blue and black mosaics on the front.
New Classic Toys Doctor's Set

Red suitcase with wooden doctor's accessories around it.
Lilliputiens Farm Sensory Labyrinth

Wooden board with sliding activities and various animal shapes.
New Classic Toys Block Tower Game

A stacked pyramid made out of wooden rectangle orange, red, blue and yellow blocks. blocks
Buttonbag Bumper Learn to Knit and Crochet

Smal suitcase with a picture of coloured balls of wool and knitting needles.
Hape Cliffhanger Marble Run

Wooden blocks of all colours set up as a maze with marbles rolling down.

What these toys also all have in common is:

  • they encourage children's interests and skills
  • they do not go out of fashion
  • these toys do not follow a heavily branded character
  • they that can be passed on to someone else because they last!
  • they encourage open-ended play where children take the lead and can challenge themselves at their own pace
  • these toys inspire children's love for playing and having fun.

It is always hard to know what to buy for a child, and Christmas puts us under a lot of pressure to get the right toy. So do take a look at our new Toy Finder. It helps you search for toys & games according to the child's interest, the child's age and the buyers budget! Give it a go...

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