Top Kids Toys – Ireland Christmas 2021

It’s that time of the year where we are looking for recommendations for the right present and the right toy.

As you browse the website, you will not find the latest toy trends or the latest character toys. Not a huge amount of plastic toys and no battery-operated toys.

The philosophy behind Mimitoys since I started in 2004 is to offer a range of unique, original toys that promote children’s natural ability to play, explore and learn, toys that give time to children to just play.

To propose a Top Christmas Toys List for 2021, I have simply gathered the most popular toys, that have worked through the years. The toys that get enthusiastic feedback again and again and that customers have bought for their own family and now buy as presents for others. What these toys all have in common is originality, quality, durability, fantastic play values, while promoting all learning skills and independent play.

Top Baby Toys Ireland Christmas 2021

Djeco BabyBlocki
These stacking blocks from Djeco offer loads of activities for babies and toddlers, stacking, counting, observing, manipulating…12 months

Touch and Feel Farm First Puzzle
Let toddlers explore various textures with this cute farm animal puzzle. A must have! 12 months +

Djeco Topanifarm Blocks 
There are so many ways to play with the stacking boxes and farm animals. Endless fun for toddlers and preschoolers! 18 months +

Moulin Roty Fléchette the grey Goose
Flechette the grey Goose (23cm) from Moulin Roty is super soft and cuddly. Perfect from birth.

Moulin Roty Soft Toy Flechette the Goose Baby First Toy

Top Preschool Toys Christmas 2021

Doctor’s Set
This 10 piece Doctor’s set features a medicine cream bottle, reflex hammer, otoscope, thermometer, syringe, stethoscope, clipboard with paper, apron and bandage. All of the equipment can be packed away neatly into the colourful carry bag. Great to encourage creative and imaginative role play.

Djeco Boxed Set Geoform
Encourage observation, problem-solving and concentration with this puzzle game by Djeco. 4 years +

Farm Animals in Irish Jigsaw
What a fantastic gift! The wooden puzzle comes in a beautiful cardboard presentation box and includes a stylish drawstring cotton bag for storage. 2 years+

Djeco Milfiori Mosaics
These brightly coloured foam stickers are fun to decorate cute mosaics with. Brilliant for preschoolers! 3 to 6 years

Top Toys Christmas 2021 for 5 years old to 7 years old

Kapla Construction 280 Planks in Wooden Box
KAPLA® introduces children to a world where art and science coexist beautifully. The game allows children to build, create and experiment using their own imagination. It stimulates creativity, encourages logical thinking, dexterity and concentration. Kapla Construction 280 planks come in a beautiful wooden storage box and include an art book for design ideas.

SmartGames Froggit
Guide your frogs across the pond and block other players from doing the same. The first player to get their entire frog family to the other side wins the game. But watch out, the fish can scare your frogs back to the start! Flexible thinking, clever planning and the chance to thwart your opponents make this a fun and exciting game for two to six players

Large Puppet Bird Military Macaw
This stunning glove puppet from The Puppet Company has a wonderful face, long pile and beautifully printed finishes along with a squawk and full working mouth!

Discovery Sticker Poster Dinosaurs
Poppik Discovery Sticker Posters make spectacular posters with fascinating themes for children. Features removable and transparent stickers. 5 years+

Top Toys Christmas 2021 for 7 years old to 9 years old
Djeco Cubissimo Game
Can you reconstruct a perfect cube with the 7 wooden pieces? This logic game will get your brain ticking! 7 to 99 years

Djeco Zig & Go Action-Reaction Game 27pcs
This toy is more than a construction game. It’s an action game to engage children in problem solving and consequential thinking! 7 to 99 years

Nexo Your Climbing Robot
A robot that defies gravity?! That’s what you get with Nexo! A four-legged bot that uses an ingenious system of suction cups and pumps to crawl along smooth, vertical surfaces like windows.

Teifoc Brick Construction – Castle
The concept of Teifoc Construction with Bricks is fascinating, real terracotta bricks, dissolvable cement, all you need to build your own building or just follow the included instructions. A fantastic project for afterschoolers.

Top Toys Christmas 2021 for 9 years old to preteens
Djeco Butterflies Glitter Boards
Create dazzling pictures with this glittery art set! A creative fun toy with stunning results that children will be proud to put on display. 7 to 13 years

Architectural Engineering
Soaring spires, towering arches, fascinatingly complex curves and angles! Build your foundation in architectural design with Thames and Kosmos Architectural Engineering STEM experiment kit. Explore the engineering principles behind planning and developing buildings and structures.

SmartGames Temple Trap
Escape the sliding maze with SmartGames Temple Trap! Arrange the walls and the stairs to create a path through the Temple…but in this maze, the walls constantly shift! Great to encourage concentration, problem-solving, planning and flexible thinking.

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