Top Outdoor Toys for 2022 – Outdoor Play and Active Play

Top Outdoor Toys for 2022 – Outdoor Play and Active Play

Spring is nearly here with brighter days and sunnier skies, and we are thinking about how to get children outside and away from the screens. Outdoor toys are always seen as a good investment as they get children out in the fresh air, burning off energy and doing some kind of physical activity.

We have been on the look out for some new outdoor toys and games and have expanded our range for children of all ages, from preschool to preteens.
Some of the outdoor and active play toys are old school classics like noughts and crosses and hopscotch, others encourage throwing skills and balancing, and some are fantastic to boost communication skills, cooperation and teamwork. In all cases, they are a real incentive to get out and play! They are portable too, so easy to take along to the park, on a walk or anywhere really…

Let’s not forget our Yogi range of cards and activities to introduce yoga to a young age group. They are the perfect start or end to a busy day and so cool to use outdoors in the open space…

Good old classics outdoor games:

Tip: you can place the rings just close together or far apart to make it easier or more difficult.

An amazing skill game which is really addictive and with practice we can do really cool tricks.

These are light to use.It’s all about good throwing skills and precision.

Noughts and Crosses
So easy to transport and set up, children do tend to play again and again…

Outdoor Toys for cooperative play:

It has 12 handles so ideal for up to 6 players, willing to synchronise their movement for a pleasant airy experience.

Tug of War
A great classic to play with friends and family, communication and teamwork are key to win!

It is easy to play and set up for a small group and a good way to encourage physical movement.

Walking Skis
It takes a lot of communication and coordination to move forward with these skis…

Bullet Ball Coordination Game
Coordination and communication here are so important to make sure the ball slides through from one player to the other. Great for the arms too!

For preschoolers:

Bean Bags Bunnies Throwing Game
Great fun from 3 years, we just love the appealing bunny designs of this cool throwing game.

Gecko Throwing and Catching Game
We need to think fasts for this one, as you can only catch the green flies on the velcro side or smash the red one from the other side of the racket. 4 years+

Egg and Spoon Race
If you let your egg fall, it will crack open to reveal an inner egg! A twist that makes this classic really fun. 4 years+

Skittles Jr – Skittles
Quality wooden skittles that will stand easily on any flat surface. 3 years+

Farm Skittles for toddlers
Cute skittles set for toddlers, great to encourage gross-motor skills and aiming skills. 2 years+

Tin Throwing
It always works as an active game and is very popular with preschoolers. The sound of the tins is really fun too!

Skill Practice:

It’s amazing how children learn through playing. The toys below are genuinely fun to use and will encourage and develop skills, like balance, hand-eye coordination, aiming, without even thinking about it…

Wobbly Path Balance Game
Make a path with the wobbly lilipads and pick up the frogs as you go along. 3 years+

Swing and Loop Racket
Harder than it looks but great to catch the focus for a while.

How hard can it be to throw and catch the ball with the kendama game? It’s not so easy and is good to encourage patience…

Bow and Arrow
This is an ideal outdoor or indoor game to practice aiming and coordination.

Wooden Walking Bobbins
All that’s needed here is a good sense of balance and coordination.

We always have new stuff coming in so always take a look at Whats New

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