9 to 12 Year Old Hobbies & Activities


Best Toys and Activities for 9 to 12  year olds




A person holding a Eureka 3D Puzzle Amaze UFO challenge with a lot of colorful pieces, testing their patience.




Eureka 3D Puzzle Amaze UFOMuch more than a brainteaser! Guide the little ball to find your way from numbers 1 to 99 by turning and tilting the UFO. For the pros or anyone who enjoys maze challenges! 7 years+




A Sentosphere Quilling Art Flowers craft kit with colored pencils and a box.




Sentosphere Quilling Art Flowers - initiate yourself to the art of Quilling by enhancing an illustrated base with twirled coloured paper strips! Beautiful flower bouquets will then come to life! 8 years+ Made in France




A Sentosphere Chemistry of Crystals kit with a bottle of liquid, a bottle of water, and cristal powder for crystallization.




Sentosphere Chemistry of Crystals - cristals are fascinating, with their transparency and their sharp and detailed patterns! With these 2 bags of cristal powder of 120 g, this kit will allow you to grow cristals that will join your mineral collection! 8 years+ Made in France




Sentosphere Bracelets Just For Boys crafty kit.




Sentosphere Bracelets Just for Boys this kit has been specially designed to create the coolest bracelets. Who will come up with the best creations? 8 years+




A box with a Sentosphere Jewelry Workshop.




Sentosphere Jewelry Workshop - creating beautiful translucent jewels with sequin or glitter inclusions is a magical experiment! This DIY kit is perfect to discover the art of jewellery making! 10 years+




a KAPLA® Construction Eiffel Tower model.




Kapla Eiffel Tower - KAPLA®®  introduces children to a world where art and science coexist beautifully. With KAPLA® Eiffel Tower, « big kids » (10+ to adults) can build a 69cm high Eiffel Tower using 105 KAPLA® planks and a detailed instructions booklet. 




a box with a Teifoc Brick Construction Fire Station in it.




Teifoc Brick Construction Fire Station - the concept of Teifoc is certainly fascinating. Use real terracotta bricks and dissolvable cement to build your own building or just follow the included instructions. With this kit you can build a beautiful fire station. 6 years to 12 years.



Sentence with product name: Djeco Puzz’Art Peacock - 500 pcs.




Djeco Puzz'Art Peacock - a 500-piece puzzle. In an all-new format, with no corners or edges, amazing ouzzle artwork designed by Djeco. All throughout this large, proud peacock shape, you can discover a flowery world brimming with colour. 8 years+




Djeco Cubissimo Game - can you reconstruct a perfect cube with the 7 wooden pieces? This logic game will get your brain ticking! 7 to 99 years