2024 - 20 years in business

Loads of mixed emotions when I reflect back on summer 2004 when Mimitoys became a reality! I am grateful, a bit nostalgic and still wondering how did this all happen? There have been ups and downs with moments or self-doubt and more down to earth moments when sales were not good enough to pay a salary or cover the costs. Today, I am proud that Mimitoys is still a well known and recognised Irish online toyshop.

The Early Days: A Leap of Faith
In 2004, my 2 youngest children were 3 and 4 and inspired me to source different toys. I took a leap of faith and launched Mimitoys.ie, driven by a deep passion for educational toys and the belief that play is fundamental to a child's development. Back then, the range of toys was limited for toddlers and preschoolers with a few hundred toys. Little did I know that today I would have a solid range of over 2000 unique toys, games & puppets for all ages, from birth to preteens.

Embracing Technology
20 years has seen a lot of technology changes, ecommerce websites for online shopping are now a thing, 20 years ago there was a lot of reluctance to buy online, we used to get payments via bank transfers and a lot of cheques through the post! Now I am not even sure why I have a post box!
As a one woman business who can't really afford a web developer or a social media strategist, I have had to fight or flight this technology and I am always in between. When I think I have cracked it, something new comes along, Google, SEO, email marketing, Instagram Facebook, Tik Tok all have a minds of their own. It is exhausting but interesting...

The Driving Forces: Passion and Focus
Passion for the value of play and what that means to us from the day we are born.

I fundementally believe that good play experiences, through toys but of course not only, shape our attitude towards learning for the rest of our lives. I believe that learning does not start and stops in schools or other educational settings but is an ongoing lifelong process.
Focus to make it happen, waking up every day wondering how to get the sales is not everyone's ideal, but it is mine!

Anyone recalls "mail order businesses", when I started Mimitoys.ie online , I also printed a catalogue that was posted to our new, potential and existing customers. My daughter who is now 25 years old, is pictured on the 1st catalogue, time flies...

Here's to the next 20 years of inspiring and inspired play!

2024 - 20 years in business | Mimitoys.ie 2024


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