Best Indoor Toys and Games for Kids Aged 8-12 Years

Best Indoor Toys and Games for Kids Aged 8-12 Years

What do you do or say to your 8 to 12 year olds who say they are bored? First of all, I suppose, you have to feel their pain as they have probably exhausted every single plug-in activity and feel genuinely bored!!!
Now is the time to introduce fun and games in the house…games, board games, puzzles, creative activities, STEM projects…
There is always an initial reluctance as, that list may sound boring, outdated, not fun and take ages to set up! and maybe for parents too!

For some parents games or building projects can be a family staple and for others the stuff you do on rainy holidays when you are really stuck. But however you feel about these activities, there is loads of choices out there, it can be for a short play session or a longer one.
And no matter what you choose, there is always learning smuggling in through the back door! Whether it’s communication skills, social skills, logic, problem-solving, creativity…

I would like to share with you here a few ideas for games and activities for the 8 to 12 years old. The reason why I picked these is that they are easy to set up and to grasp (not too many rules), they can be addictive to the point that no one ever wants to stop playing, they are built to last (with good quality components), offer a “sneaky” educational value, have a little twist or uniqueness about them and are actually also enjoyable for parents to play with or to take part in!


Creative activities are a fantastic way to relax and take things nice and slow. They can be a nice project to go back to for a bit of quiet time and give the sensory experience of exploring various colours, shapes, designs and materials.
Most kits will end up as something amazing well worth keeping to decorate the bedroom or to offer as a nice unique present to someone.

Djeco’s new Inspired By collection is a range of creative and accessible arts and crafts activities offering an introduction to the world of art. Illustrators are inspired by the master artists that they showcase in their designs. Be inspired by Picasso, Van Gogh, Gaughin or Rousseau!
This range can also act as a gentle reminder of what they may have talked about or seen at school in the art or history subjects…

A painting activity that invites children to discover the style of Paul Gauguin, the great post-impressionist master. Little by little, colour is added to the paintings, bringing the women of Tahiti to life.

Our Origami Creative Boxes are a fantastic creative kit to encourage patience, concentration and attention to detail.


Games are a great way to encourage teamwork, memory retention, strategic thinking and communication skills. Board games or family games are not for everybody and some teens may like solo games like brainteasers.
What matters is that playing games engages in something that get them to use their skills in a fun, relaxing and rewarding way, with no specific agenda.

Djeco Around the World Board Game

Match Puzzle Game

Bingo Party Game

Djeco Magic Incredibile Magus

Djeco Pouet Pouet Miming Game


Our range of puzzles for older children have unusual and appealing designs, colours and concepts. With our puzzle ranges from Djeco and Janod, we move away from the traditional colours and themes of puzzles for older children and even adults. The uniqueness of the puzzles’ designs encourages a certain curiosity and interest from that age group. There is always a huge sense of achievement with the puzzles are completed, great for self-esteem!

Djeco Gallery Puzzle Leopard 1000 pcs

Janod Puzzle Night View 500 pcs

Djeco Puzz’Art Elephant


Warning, these building kits are hugely addictive, once you start, you can’t stop…They can be an amazing project to discuss and start as a family. With these construction sets, the end result may not be the aim, the aim is the discussion, the thinking process and the planning to make something.

With Kapla, Join Clips or Teifoc everything is possible (provided you spend some time designing, either on paper or mentally what you would like to build). These 3 manufacturers always include sheets with ideas and guidance, the fun is to create your own stuff!

Join Clips Construction Home Edition 200
Kapla Construction 100 Planks Octocolour
Teifoc Brick Construction Starter Box

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