Less is good when it comes to buying toys

Less is good when it comes to buying toys and there is joy in simplicity!

When considering buying something for a child, the 1st thing that will come to mind is a toy, and yes toys are amazing, part of a child's life...we all have our favourites from our childhood or from what our kids like to play with...
What I would like to discuss is considering a less is more approach when it comes to buying toys, this is not about being minimalist, it is about being aware of how and why children play.
It a good idea to offer a variety of toys, toys for active play, reflection and concentration, fine-motor skills or social skills. At the end of the day, children play naturally so we need to trust that they'll know what to do with their toys.
I think as parents, we are more concerned of them getting bored than they do! Kids are incredibly resourceful, they'll always find something to do and something to play with! and that is why the empty cardboard box is always the best...

What are the top benefits of a "less is more approach" when it comes to toys?

  • children are in control of their play and don't feel overwhelmed
  • they play and learn at their own pace
  • it gives them time to explore and challenge themselves
  • they will find joy in simplicity!
  • playing with less toys is a good way to increase attention span, concentration and focus
  • it gives a chance to children to explore fully what they like (and don't like) to play with, children are naturally curious and they will try anything!
  • better quality play time where parents will be invited to join

Any ideas for the "less is good approach"?

I have picked 10 of our top toys, toys that tick all the boxes of the "less is good approach" because they are stimulating, offer an open-ended play approach where children are in charge and allow for challenges, self-reflection and concentration. What these toys also all have in common is:

  • they encourage children's interests and skills
  • they do not go out of fashion
  • these toys do not follow a heavily branded character
  • toys that can be passed on to someone else because they last!
  • they are all non-battery-operated!

Djeco Boxed set Geoform 

New Classic Toys Magnetic Bead Trace Snail 

Djeco Blocks Topanifarm 

The Puppet Company Sockette Rainbow 

Liontouch Noble Knight set for 2 

Lilliputiens Wooden Activity Cube Farm 

Smartgames Tower Stacks 

Kapla Construction 200 Planks 

New Classic Toys Doctor Set 

Djeco Animambo Tambourine 


Less is good when it comes to buying toys |  Mimitoys 2023

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