Munster Maths & Science Family Fair 2023 - a Perfect Learning Environment

I was absolutely amazed by the buzz, the engagement, the curiosity and the enthusiasm for anything STEM last Sunday in Mallow GAA Complex! Organised by Mallow Development Partnership, this free event's objective is to explore the fun, practical and experimental side of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and to raise an awareness around STEM subjects. In view of the turn-out, this has been hugely successful!

What is unique about the set up is that it's an amazing space for learning without realising it! for trying, testing, experimenting, playing in a stress-free and exam-free environment. A great way for children to discover and explore STEM subjects, see them in action and also get a better understanding of the subjects they may be more interested in.

Local National Schools have displayed their science projects and explained them to the visitors. Leaders from industry, research and third level institutes have come on board with amazing and engaging interactive experiments and demonstrations.

A great way to get a better understanding of what science, technology, engineering or maths mean in the real world.

Finally, it was a space for collaboration where children and their parents communicate and work out together the best solutions to a puzzle or an experiment.

I brought a couple of challenges at the Mimitoys table...these were very popular and absolutely fantastic to encourage concentration, focus, problem-solving, fine-motor skills and so many other things...

SmartGames Squirrels go Nuts Box of SmartGames Squirrels go Nuts Game

SmartGames Tower Stacks Box of Smartgames Tower Stacks game

SmartGames IQ XOXO Box of Smartgames IQ game XOXO

SmartGames IQ Stars Box of Smartgames IQ Stars game

Djeco Tangram Box of Djeco Tangram Game

Djeco Cubissimo Box of Djeco Cubissimo Game

Kapla Challenge Box of Kapla Challenge

Kapla Eiffel Tower Box of Kapla Eiffel Tower

Djeco Zig & Go Action Reaction Box of Djeco Zig 7 Go Game Actioon Reaction Music
Piks Balancing Game Small Kit Stacked triangle shapes with wooden planks


Munster Maths & Science Family Fair 2023 - a Perfect Learning Environment |  Mimitoys 2023

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