The Team Behind Our Irish Online Toyshop

Who is the team behind the scenes at Mimitoys? Well the full list behind our Irish Online Toyshop is here:

But let me detail the characters that make up the company (in no particular order).

Photo of Myriam Doyle, owner of
Well, there is me – After 18 years running Mimitoys, I finally know the things I am good at and interested in and things that someone else will do far better than me.

So, I do all the buying and direct customer interaction for our Irish Online Toyshop, I’m in charge of all customer-order admin. I also lead the design of the website and I decide on marketing initiatives.

My very good friend Frederique Murphy from Mountain Moving Mindset has stepped in to help me transform the Mimitoys voice on Instagram, getting fantastic interaction with followers (‘engaging brains’ is one of the things she specialises in!). Her guidance will result in even more “playful” social media conversations in 2022.

Logo of An-Post exclusive carrier for Mimitoys
We trumpet “An Post” throughout our website as one of the key reasons customers should be reassured when ordering with us. They are superb. As an Irish Online Toyshop, we send out hundreds of orders per week and I dont have to worry – orders always get delivered and An Post have nearly 100% of their vans electric now.

Logo of Indian Field - Print Managers for Mimitoys
Throughout 2021 we have put attention to making the Mimitoys brand more memorable. So particularly this year I’ve worked with my friend Caroline Kennedy from Indian Field, who has designed and manufactured our Mimitoys Shopping-Trolley Token, our big stickers for our 2nd Hand delivery boxes and the Mimitoys packing Sellotape.

On top of that, there’s the staff at our toy supplier warehouses in Ireland, France, Holland, Germany and UK and not forgetting the drivers from the delivery companies particularly Michael from DPD who is a “Gentleman of the World”.

Lastly my husband Myles works in the warehouse and does part of the marketing. If you want to learn more about us just get in touch – I’d love to talk about me!!!  Contact Us

Phew! Anyway, thanks for keeping us busy. And perhaps we can keep your clients (the children) entertained and engaged with educational fun toys into the future…

Team Behind our Irish Online Toyshop | 2023

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