Toys And Play For 8 To 12 Years Old

Toys And Play For 8 To 12 Years Old 



Toys for 8-12 years old  

When we first started up Mimitoys in 2004, I probably would have written this blog to give ideas about how to prevent or delay an 8-12-year-old child from playing with a tablet or phone, how to consider toys and games as a substitute… 

As my older children became 8-12 years old, I became slightly more realistic! It is not a matter of substitution, but a matter of balance… 

There are also a lot of interesting age-appropriate things to do online. The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no going back. I suppose now it is a matter of finding activities that can engage older children in play, activities that are more actual than virtual. It has become a balancing act. 

I have found several ways to do this with my “baby” (who is now 11 years old), but it will all depend on what floats your child’s boat. I have given some ideas below of toys and games that I like and work for us, but for other options, check out our games and creative toys for the 8 to 12 years old. 

Arts and Crafts  

I have found that creative play still engages 8-12-year-olds if the project chimes with their interests or is a little bit different. It also helps if the project is aimed at the right age group so that they get a sense of pride with their output. The good news is that the clean up is easier at this age and you no longer have to work finger paint streaks into your interior design theme. 

Of course, you can get creative with some art materials and your own inspiration, but sometimes it’s good to get ideas and directions. 

The Djeco Art Nouveau workshop is an example of a fantastic art pack, with an excellent step-by-step guide, typical of all the Djeco workshops we stock. Packed full of high-quality art materials, the results are pretty much guaranteed. We framed some of them and used them as presents for grandparents. 

As well as drawing, we stock other craft kits to buy online that use sequins, foil or stitching. 

Specifically for older children, there are other ideas here.  

Mind Games and Hands-on Kits  

At age 8-12, children are really starting to open up to the world. At school, they are being introduced to new subjects and ideas and they’re starting to find what interests them. 

Science kits, electronic sets and anatomical models really appeal to older children when they feel that they are doing the investigations by themselves. 

The beauty of these toys is that although a lot of information is available on tablets, the hands-on experience and sense of achievement can only be achieved from physical engagement. Some of these kits are a good example of that. 



Board games are always a good way to encourage communication and social skills, provided they can hold the interest and attention of older children. I also find that if I play with my children, they will want to play! So one of my favourites is a bit unusual as all you need is a sense of smell and a nose or just a nose! Follow your Nose. We have loads of fun (and a few arguments) over the years with this. 

Have a look at some more ideas for games here. 

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