Learn English through Boxing with James Wood

Welcome to our video podcast: Different voices and Different Eyes. Focusing on learning, parenting and education.

Myriam talks to James Wood who has lived in Spain for the past 7 years and is a qualified English teacher.

For the past 2 years, James has started his Box’n’English business, where he teaches English through his boxing classes. He teaches children aged 10/11 and hope to expand the concept to his adult classes.

I really love this approach of learning through doing and in an environment other than a classroom. Learning can take place anywhere, under any format, so why not through boxing classes? With my video podcasts, I am interested in having a chat with people who are experiencing and encouraging learning, play, education, parenting and anything to do with children’s growth and well-being, but from a new or different angle. I hope you find this video podcast interesting,

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