Modern Language Teaching Methods with Irene Regini

Modern Language Teaching Methods with Irene Regini

Welcome to our video podcast: Different voices and Different Eyes. Focusing on learning, parenting and education. Myriam talks to Irene Regini about languages and modern language teaching methods.

Irene is Italian and a Latin and Italian teacher, she’s also multilingual, with Italian, English, Latin, Greek and French.
Irene launched Satura Lanx in 2017 which is a completely new and innovative module to learn Latin. Don’t be taken aback! and bear with me as her methodologies and ways of approaching language learning is really engaging. Irene believes that fluency is possible by using more practical, immersive and intuitive approaches rather than focusing on grammar for example!

Her objective with Latin is to progress with students to a stage of fluency! I am actually a big fan of Irene and do her online classes, I think Irene’s modern methods of language learning can be applied to the teaching and learning of any language!

If you would like to start, brush up and just try Italian or Latin, here are a few links to Irene’s online free content:

Latin channel
Free lesson
Italian channel

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