“OurKidsCode Creative Computing for Families” Podcast

Welcome to our video podcast: Different voices and Different Eyes on learning, parenting, education and more…

Myriam talks with Louise Caldwell, the Programme Manager of OurKidsCode.

OurKidsCode is a project which aims to engage families of primary school children to take part in creative computing. A unique learning environment for children and their parents.

With my video podcasts, I am interested in having a chat with people who are experiencing and encouraging learning, play, education, parenting and anything to do with children growth and well-being, on a different angle. Hopefully, you’ll find the podcast interesting, entertaining and fun.


Since I spoke with Louise last year, OurKidsCode has grown at national level and is  currently recruiting volunteer champions to help grow our reach across Ireland.  The ideal champion is a parent of primary aged children who would be happy to take the lead on organising an OurKidsCode programme in their local community or after school setting.  Full training is provided by our team here in Trinity College Dublin.   For more information and to express an interest – please go to https://ourkidscode.ie/get-involved/

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