Toys for 3 Year Old


4 Best Selling Toys for 3 year olds



The Puppet Company Rainbow Sockette Hand Puppet - meet Rainbow, a fabulous, fun, knitted Sockette puppet with a squeaker in his tongue that is sure to get the conversation started! Really entertaining. 18 months+




A little girl playing with the Janod Dinosaurs Magneti'Book.



Janod Dinosaurs Magneti'Book - magnetic educational game based on the theme of dinosaurs, inc. 40 magnets and 10 cards. 3 to 6 years.








CubeFun Farm - an original and fun idea to get young children into physical activity. It's fun-damentally a kids party game! Just throw the large dice and follow the instructions. The Farm themed cube has a different activity printed on each side. 3 to 8 years.



A Janod Shrimp Catcher Bath Toy set featuring colorful alphabet prawns with a net for scooping and storage during bathtime, including packaging.



Janod Bath Toys  Shrimp Catcher - a really cool bath toy! Ready to fish some prawns? 10 little shrimps have escaped into the bath: you’ll need to catch them as quickly and deftly as you can! 2 to 5 years.