Toys for 4 Year Old

At four years old, children are refining their cognitive abilities and expanding their social skills. They show increased independence and curiosity.
Toys & games that encourage independant play, such as arts & crafts kits and balancing games are a great way to help children explore their interests and growing skills.

4 Top Selling Toys for 4 year olds


A colorful collection of Janod Forest Tumbling Cans with cheerful animal faces being knocked over by a ball in motion, perfect for active play at an outdoor party.



Janod Forest Tumbling Can Game - have fun trying to knock down all the cans with the minimum number of throws! A must-have for an indoor party or for playing outside with the family! 3 to 8 years.






A purple Djeco box filled with lots of Djeco Wooden Beads Butterflies.




Djeco Wooden Beads Butterflies - the “Wooden beads, buterflies” set contains over 450 beads (in all sorts of colours and shapes) that are perfect for making pretty jewellery. 4 to 8 years








Piks Construction Small Kit - Piks is a construction toy designed to stimulate children's development, concentration and creativity. The principle is simple: create the most original and impressive structures without dropping any part! As an open ended toy, Piks offers an infinite number of possibilities. 3 to 12 years.



A red Living Puppets Elmo Sesame Street hand puppet on a white background.




Living Puppets Elmo Sesame Stree Hand PuppetThe 33 - 37 cm Sesame Street® hand puppet is easy to operate for both children and adults. Great for storytelling and social skills.