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Djeco ABC Boom Game

Djeco ABC Boom Game

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What we like about this toy...
A game of skill! Be the first to balance all your letters on the board. Vocabulary and dexterity are key to this game! 8 to 99 years

What makes this toy great...
A word and balance game: players try to be the first to put all their letters down on the board. But before adding a letter to the building, you must first say a word that contains that letter, being careful not to make it all fall down! Vocabulary and dexterity will be the key to mastering the letter sculpture! Requires a great deal of self-control to keep the letters balanced AND a good vocabulary to find the right word. Contents: 1 board, 4 card holders, 28 wooden tokens and 24 cards. Game rules in 10 languages. Perfect from8 to 99 years.

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