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Djeco Playing Cards Piou Piou

Djeco Playing Cards Piou Piou

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What we like about this Djeco Toy...
A strategy game where the first player to get 3 chicks wins. To lay an egg and make it hatch, you need one cockerel, one hen, and a nest. Be careful: the foxes are on the prowl and will steal the eggs. Only the cockerels can stop them! 5 to 99 years.

What makes this toy great...
An addictive game with a simple premise. Entertaining illustrations that players of all ages will love. Compact, easily portable box. Durable, high-quality cards. Contents: 47 cards (6 foxes, 15 cockerels, 15 hens, 11 nests) and 18 eggs/chicks. Game rules in 10 languages. Perfect from 5·99 years.

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