Collection: Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts for children is probably one of Mimitoys most popular toy category. We have a wide range of creative kits for kids of all ages. Helping children to use and explore their creative talents and interests.

Children and pre-teens love to create, draw, and imagine. Arts and crafts encourage all of that! They are fantastic creative activities to share with friends, family members or another adult.

Top 6 benefits of arts & crafts for children and preteens:

  1. Arts and Crafts help children develop fine motor skills, whether it's holding a pen, a paintbrush, playing with play dough, stitching or cutting...
  2. With arts & crafts children and young teens can express themselves in a creative and unique way
  3. Problem-solving and thinking outside the box is an important part when engaging with creative activities
  4. Boost self-esteem by producing amazing pieces of art (that can be used as presents for family members!)
  5. Taking part in arts & crafts is a good way to develop concentration, focus and attention
  6. Creative activities can be used as a relaxing and calming activity.

Some of our most popular Arts & Crafts Categories are:

Here is a blog that details the Eco and Labour Credentials of our Suppliers and here is the supplier Djeco that is far and away our most popular Arts & Crafts Supplier