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Sentosphere Resin Workshop

Sentosphere Resin Workshop

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What we like about this toy...
This DIY activity is perfect for anyone looking to immortalise beautiful souvenirs! Dry leaves, seashells or even plastic animals can become beautiful inclusions thanks to this resin kit. Children will also be able to enjoy this easy activity to create fake diamonds, coasters and other decorations for their bedroom! 10 years+

What makes this toy great...
After having prepared the resin base, children will be able to colour the preparation and pour into the different moulds before adding decorative inclusions. 24 hours later, once it is dry, the beautiful translucent decorations can be removed from the moulds. Perfect from 10 years.

CONTENTS:• 120 ml of resin • 100 ml of a hardening agent • 3 colourants (red, blue, yellow) • 3 pipettes • 2 beakers • 1 positioning stick • 1 glove • 1 pot with green glitter chunks • 1 sachet with plastic animals • 3 key chains • 1 mould with different shapes • 1 diamond shaped mould • 1 protective sheet • 1 set of instructions
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