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Ugears Curvimeter STEM Lab Model

Ugears Curvimeter STEM Lab Model

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If you are looking for STEM activities for your 8 year old or stem a 9 year old look no further. UGEARS is a unique surprise and a cool gift to anyone who enjoys the art of mechanics. 8 years+

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Did you know that the oldest surviving map of Ireland dates back to 140AD and is believed to be created by a well known Greek cartographer Ptolemy?Apart from a few discrepancies, Ptolemy’s map is impressively accurate. This map is consistent with some solid Mediterranean knowledge of Ireland, its peoples, coastal features and major places. He called Ireland “Iouerníā,” which means “abundant land” and from which derive the Irish names Ériu and Éire.To measure how accurate the distances are you can use our Curvimeter model from the Stem Lab series.The model kit comes with a QR-code that will take you to the learning guide with the info about the mechanism, the principal of its working, the main characteristics, formulas, and interesting assignments.Dive into augmented reality and look at how the curvimeter operates. Interact with the model via a special AR application from Ugears.The Curvimeter – or opisometer – is a device that measures the length of curved lines and helps to the distance between the points on a map with more precision than a ruler or a compass.The mechanism has a measuring wheel, a clock face and a hand. When the wheel moves along the line on a map that you need to measure, the hand moves around the clock face marked with measuring units – centimeters, inches, etc. All you need to do in the end is to check the map scale and to multiply your data by the denominator in the scale.You can rely on the curvimeter when planning a hike with your friends or a family trip – it will help you to figure out the distance you’d cover to get to your destination. The device is especially useful when you have no access to any electronic gadgets or the internet.Who invented the curvimeter and whenThere is no verified information about the actual inventor of the curvimeter. Some sources say the credit of its invention belongs to the Roman engineer Virtuvius, who describes a very similar device around 23 BC. Others refer to a Chinese scholar, Zhāng Héng. Russian sources suggest that the curvimeter might have been invented by the polymath Mikhail Lomonosov who presumably initially called it “krivimetr”. All in all, the official first curvimeter patent belongs to the English engineer Edward Russell Morris who in 1873 registered “a novel device for measuring distances”.UseThe Curvimeter is used to measure the length of curved lines on topographic maps, charts, schemes, and plans. It is a common tool for map-makers, tourists, and road services.The Mechanism of the curvimeter is made of: Measuring wheel with main and additional scales, and a hand. Planetary mechanism. Cycloidal drive.Ugears STEM-models are designed to suit different age groups with a special focus on learning component. The assembly of the model will be interesting and won’t take much time.STEM-lab Construction kits come with all you need in a box, which includes: Wooden details pre-cut with a precise high-tech laser in high-quality plywood boards, as well as other materials required for assembly. The models need no glue or additional instruments to build. The details come out of the board with a slight push. Step-by step illustrated assembly instruction manual. Practical lab tasks with use of your model. QR-code to download a pocket study guide about your model, its mechanism, principle of its working, main characteristics, physical and mechanical formulas, and fun practical tasks. QR-code to download AR-application. Fascinating innovation from Ugears - new drive to learn more new things! Model size: 4.3*3.9*1.9 in (11.5*10.3*5.7 cm)Number of components: 109Estimated time of assembly: 1-2 hourPerfect from 8 years.

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